Music in the Community Initiative

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MICI - Miss Heather at MVDC 2020

The Music School follows the tradition started by the Settlement House movement a century ago, with a commitment to making quality arts education accessible to everyone. Financial aid for individual students is a significant part of the Music School’s budget – in fact, 59% of our 1,650 weekly students receive free or reduced-cost instruction or therapeutic services, thanks to generous donors & charitable funders.

The Music School partners with hospitals, mental health providers, public schools, preschools, retirement communities, and other human service organizations to reach nearly half of those weekly participants. Our Music in the Community Initiative fosters those partnerships, allowing Music School faculty to teach hundreds of individuals across New Hampshire whose access is limited by disability, distance, or economic status.

Our faculty members make more than 600 visits to partnership sites annually. Recent programs include:

Sharing music with people where they are is critical to our mission of music for everyone..For more information on bringing our educational programs or expressive arts therapeutic services into your community or organization, please contact the Music School at 603-228-1196.

MICI Partners and Supporters

Lincoln Financial LogoThank you to the Lincoln Financial Foundation for their generous support of Music in the Community. #LincolnsLegacy