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Purple Finches Youth Chorus

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Maria Isaak, director

Rehearsals take place on Monday:

  • Fledglings (K-2) meet at 4:10pm
  • Fliers (3-5) meet at 5:00pm
  • Finches (6-8) meet at 6:00pm

Kids love to sing! The Purple Finches Youth Chorus, open to all children from kindergarten through 8th grade, builds musical skills in a fun, social environment. It’s a rich experience of creativity and self-expression, and an excellent introduction to music for any young person. For kids who are learning an instrument, the Purple Finches experience helps strengthen sight-reading, ear-training, and rhythmic security. The three sections of the Purple Finches Youth Chorus -- Fledglings, the Fliers, and the Finches -- allow an age-appropriate sequence of musical development, as students learn music literacy through regular rhythm, solfège, and ear-training, based on a hybrid of Kodály and other methods. The choruses rehearse weekly during the school year, and perform regularly.


“At CCMS our children are learning the invaluable life lessons of truly listening to one another, harmonizing with each other, seriously practicing, and erupting in joy and play that only happy children can do. Each time our children sing they raise a sound that petitions peace, pursues friendship, and teaches all of us tolerance, understanding, and kindness.”- Parent of a participant in the Purple Finches Youth Chorus

The Fledglings

Grades K-2

Development of the child's natural voice and a good singing range through rounds, partner songs, folk songs, composed songs and other high-quality repertoire

The Fliers

Grades 3-5
Widening the vocal range and developing further harmonic and rhythmic security through work with songs in two-and three-part harmony.

The Finches

Grades 6-8
Open to students with choral experience who are ready to learn more about vocal technique and choral singing. This chorus focuses on intonation, breathing, proper vocal production, and diction skills. Performances of a wide variety of repertoire develop musical maturity and vocal confidence.