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October 2014 Newsletter

Music and Technology at the Music School
receives additional inspiration
from the Metropolis Ensemble
October 5    


Be sure to join us for a fascinating one hour musical demonstration and discussion about technology and today's music by members of the Metropolis Ensemble of NYC

Sunday, October 5 at noon at the Music School.


Come listen, ask questions,  and meet the young artists who are remaking and reinterpreting classical music in the latest electro-acoustic style.  Members of the group will be on hand for a pre-concert outreach session at the Music School and we are excited to have them meet our community.   You'll be treated to interesting new electronic soundscapes and learn about the creation of a rhythmic and colorful sonic tapestry.  To see a video clip and learn more about the ensemble, click here. 


The Metropolis Ensemble's mission - sharing artistic connections between emerging composers and performers with audiences in settings meant to inspire a new generation of music lovers - dovetails nicely with that of the Music School.  Mark your calendar and find out why this urban cutting-edge group has been garnering accolades and press.


Many thanks to our friends at the Capitol Center for the Arts for this partnership opportunity. Metropolis will be performing that evening at the Capitol Center, October 5, at 6pm. Click on the image below for more information. 




Funded in part by the Expeditions program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional support from the six New England state arts agencies.


For more exploration and experimentation with technology and music at the Music School, think about signing up for the WiiMote Ensemble or the Introduction to Recording class (p. 14 in the catalog below)  with guitarist, songwriter, and audio engineer Jason Crigler on Monday nights.  It's not too late to check it out and have some fun in the studio and with the Wiimotes. 

Remembering Chuck Leahy 
 by Peggy Senter, CCMS president and founder 

The Music School lost a dear friend on August 21.  We have shared stories with many friends and colleagues in the past weeks that recall Chuck's intellect, humor, warmth and enormous service to the community.


As we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, we're remembering with gratitude the many friends without whom this organization could not have started. Any new venture like the Music School needs supporters who provide connections, cheerleading, support, and sage advice. But it's rare to find individuals at the top of the list in all of those categories. Two years before the Music School opened, Chuck and his wife Susan, prominent NH attorneys,  were key as I wrote a business plan for this unlikely idea to satisfy a Harvard arts administration course requirement. Thanks to Chuck's involvement on the Concord School Board and the couple's other powerful connections, 20 interviews with local opinion leaders provided irreplaceable guidance in shaping the future of the Music School.


But it didn't stop there.  A beautiful hand-crafted music stand from a NH furniture maker became the Music School's first donation. Through their involvement, I met Duncan McGowan, who took the Music School on a journey of historic addresses before landing in 1987 at the fourth and final home that we all know today. Without Chuck, however, that brave little committee that met for six weeks in a heated real estate market to "figure out how to do this" would probably not have come up with the business investment strategy that Chuck suggested that ended up working a miracle.  


Those were the dramatic turning points.  More important, and what set Chuck apart as one of New Hampshire's most astute advisors, was the ongoing guidance and perspective he provided.  He had this wonderful gift of making you know he liked you, which was a huge confidence boost. Through the first ten years, Chuck was my go-to advisor who taught me so much about how organizations work.  He suggested a new way to broaden and diversify our trustee nominations, then shared his own board expertise to shape our board and staff roles.  In recommending a talented young CPA for our board, I'm sure Chuck could see Jeremy's potential to be an outstanding board chair who would lead our first capital campaign before we knew that. More recently, in Chuck's role as a trustee for foundations that were established to serve families with limited means, he listened carefully and ignored stereotypes that the arts serve only the affluent.  His understanding of the Music School's human service mission of inclusion and access was unsurpassed, and he became an eloquent advocate to advance that message. 

At a gathering last weekend to celebrate Chuck's life, many accolades rose in conversation throughout the beautiful fall day.  Justice David Souter spoke of Chuck's strategic, brilliant legal mind that was "like a compass needle. " His neighbor painted a picture of a successful professional who knew all about life's balance. My experience with Chuck as a friend, model and advisor was summed up beautifully by Matt Leahy, Chuck's son.  "Dad really understood human nature," said Matt.  So, so true. We have all been so fortunate that he helped us understand human nature through his exceptional life well-lived.  

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Anniversary Photo Album

Check out our Facebook page each Thursday for Throwback Thursday Music School photos in celebration of  the school's 30th Anniversary.

Photo by Binney Wells

Recognize anyone?  

Rehearsal for the premiere of Michael Annicchiarico's "Music for Wine Glasses and Turkey Basters" - Commissioned by the Music School for its 1987 Contemporary Festival.