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Music and Movement Fall Session

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Time ​​Class ​​Age ​​Length ​​# weeks ​​Starts ​​Tuition ​​Notes
9:00 ​​Singers, Stompers & Drummers ​​18 months - 4 years ​​45' ​​12 9/16/19 ​​$150 ​​drop-in: $15/class
This two-part class will begin with drums, allowing children many chances to use the drums. We will explore various percussion instruments and try our hand at some fun rhythmic songs. When our hands get tired we will move to part 2 of the class and have a chance to dance and move to fun styles of music. Freeze dance, action words, and other fun dance games will be used during our dance party.
10:00 ​​Crawl, Bounce, Toddle & Sing 5 - 30 months ​​45' ​​12 ​​9/16/19 ​​$150 ​​drop-in: $15/class
Come crawl, stand, bounce, waddle, and do your early dance. This fun class will keep your baby or toddler going using instruments, balls, the parachute, bubbles and more. Children will have a chance to play music, dance and move to songs, and read some fun stories.
11:00 Musical Storytellers 3 - 5 years ​​45' ​​12 ​​9/16/19 ​​$150 ​​drop-in: $15/class
This introduction to hand drumming is designed to teach rhythm and simple drumming skills using a variety of drums. Children will develop familiarity of songs as we repeat a number of the songs throughout the class. Once our hands are done creating rhythm, we will clear away the drums for a dance party. Children will dance and explore rhythm throughout their entire body.
Time ​​Class ​​Age ​​Length ​​# weeks ​​Starts ​​Tuition ​​Notes
9:00 ​​Crawl, Bounce, Toddle & Sing ​​​​5 - 30 months ​​45' ​​12 ​​9/17/19 ​​$150 ​​drop-in: $15/class
See description above.
10:00 ​​Stretch, Dance & Create ​​​​​2.5 - 6 years ​​30' ​​12 9/17/19 ​​$150 ​​drop-in: $15/class
This two-part class will teach children about stretching, yoga, and meditation. We will use animals as a tool to help understand the stretch. We will then move to the art table and have a chance to draw or paint as we listen to various styles of music. All classes will end with a story.

Time & Location

Date 09-16-2019
Event End Date 12-09-2019
Cut off date 12-10-2019
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