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July 2012 Newsletter

Award named for Herst

herst_cCalvin Herst, the Music School's director of education and community partnerships, recently received a great honor. The Community Music Center of Boston, where Herst worked for 14 years before moving to New Hampshire, recently created the Calvin Herst Excellence in Music Award.

Herst began the Intensive Study Project 25 years ago at CMCB. The Calvin Herst Excellence in Music Award is given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a superior ability as a musician. It is given to a student who has excelled in music theory and solfege (the system of syllables traditionally used to help students learn the notes of the major and minor scales: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti) and who has incorporated what he/she has learned into his/her original compositions.

Herst returned to CMCB for its end-of-year concert and presented the first of this annual award.

"It's a genuine honor for me to have an ongoing connection with the Intensive Study Project," Herst said. "Having the opportunity to hear former students performing as professional musicians alongside the next generation of students in the program was fantastic -- truly the greatest possible outcome of the program. While it's something I imagined in my years there, that dream has only been realized because of the dedication and commitment of my successors. Brava to them!"

It was a Kazoophony!

Riley Hinton, 8, participated in the Music School's Kazoophony.
Riley has taken both percussion and cello lessons at the Music
School and recently participated in the Music School's Creative Arts Camp.

A mixture of circus and arts festival, Concord's first-ever Midsummer Night Magic event on Friday, June 22 featured about 100 friends of Concord Community Music School buzzing on Music School-supplied kazoos and marching to tunes such as "This Land is Your Land" and "When the Saints Go Marching In." Under the spirited direction of Music School voice maestro Hannah Murray, this merry band of Kazoophony participants -- Music School faculty, staff, students and supporters of all ages -- hummed their way from the State House, down Concord's flagship street and into Bicentennial Square. Music School students Grace Murray and Riley Hinton proudly sported Music School banners at the head of our kazoo contingent, led by drum major Brianna Welch with her ceremonial mace. This was truly a creative enterprise that generated great buzz for the start of the summer arts season.

Thanks to the Granite State Music Festival

The Granite State Music Festival in June was impressive, from inspired band selection to terrific sound tech, to details like parking management and free water availability. Every aspect of this large undertaking reflected thoughtful planning, musical expertise and lots of hard work. It was a great scene, with little kids and parents throwing Frisbees, audience members dancing, a beautiful riverfront park and super music.

We are very thankful for the festival's designation of the Music School as the beneficiary of its efforts. Since the meeting more than a year ago when we learned of this designation, it was very meaningful to know that the organizers share our conviction that live music is important, and it's made by musicians who deserve to be supported financially. Since the Music School's beginnings in 1984, we have strived to recruit, nurture and reward the finest jazz, folk and classical musicians we can engage to perform, teach and create in service to the statewide community of music lovers. We are thrilled to find that the Granite State Music Festival shares this conviction.

Photos by Scott Bulger, www.scottbulger.com

Earn a Ben Franklin

Would you like to earn $100 by talking to a friend? The Music School would like to reward all the social butterflies out there. Here are the rules:

You can earn a one-time $100 tuition credit by referring a friend or family member who is NEW to the Music School (not returning after an absence). The registrant has to take private lessons and must include the name of the person who referred him/her (YOU!) at the time of registration (under the "How did you hear about the Music School" section). The $100 credit will be applied to your account after the registrant has finished one semester of private lessons.

Alum performs alma mater