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The Positive Energy of Music: Rick Simpson

Simpson Tenor HeadshotRick Simpson first met his wife Jody through singing. He encountered his closest college friends through an a cappella group, which still comes together for annual concerts. And when he thinks about the Music School, he thinks about how relevant its motto, “a home for musical friendships,” is to his own life and community of friends.
“Music, for me, has always been there,” says Rick. “It’s been in the air, in my environment, throughout my entire life. Musical friendships have been extremely important.”
Rick was immersed in music from an early age. His parents were singers, and his three siblings were musical. In college, he made “a rapid transition from being a rocker” to singing classical music—a passion that he pursues to this day, as a tenor in Boston’s Cantata Singers.
When he discovered the Music School, it didn’t take long for him to join that musical community as well—both as a voice student and as a trustee. He is now retiring from the Music School's Board of Trustees, which he led for two years as Chair. “It was a wonderful six years... It was just so much fun,” he says.
Simpson says that musical friendship is not an abstract concept at the Music School. “You don’t need to see that motto,” he says. “You can walk around and actually see the friendships, not just in the hallways but onstage as well.”
Over the years, he has sometimes joined in with the Songweavers chorus’s warm-up sessions. “Is there anything better going on in the city of Concord, when the Songweavers are rehearsing?” he says. “It’s healthy, it’s spiritual fulfillment, it’s community—all these wonderfully positive reasons that people come together. The Music School doesn’t just provide an outlet for that, but actively guides people into these sessions of communal happiness.”
The good musical vibes at the School, he says, are infectious. “I think if there were a camera on a satellite that could measure positive energy, and you beamed it down on Concord, there would be a huge glow coming up from the School."